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Qujiang attract guests from all second-hand car market

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The morning of August 1, Qujiang District No. 280 East Avenue, trace compound may sound, a festive atmosphere, Qujiang the official opening

of used-car market is satisfied customers. More than 300 people came to the market to see car choose a car, the district government and

relevant departments Qujiang

Leaders attended the opening ribbon cutting ceremony.

Look at the people in the car, the reporter found a few familiar faces, they all have transfer plans. Air China Town, the Familia, who lives

in Kecheng owners Jiang, recently prepared for the car, considering, he decided to buy the

High-end used cars, car financing is expected to be 120,000 to 150,000 yuan. Back in late July, Mr. Jiang came to the market looking for cars

to the source, but was told to wait until the opening of the staff before trading. Today, less than eight in the morning, he

Car drove up.

"This new open source second-hand car market with a lot of cars, there are many good car." In the exhibition hall, the two people standing

next to whispered a BMW 740, this car uses the last five years BMW 65 million price tag. In addition

In the indoor exhibition hall, you can also see that Chrysler, Lexus, Audi A6, Peugeot 407, Mercedes-Benz SLK and other high-end cars. Hall

street price of 1.7 million Mercedes-Benz S600, the car uses more than two years, new car purchase

Price at 240 million, becoming the most expensive vehicle market. In the outdoor exhibition area, you can also see the civilian Hummer, BMW

X5, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo and other variety of high-end cars. It is reported that second-hand car Qujiang District

The first opening of the market used cars JCP exhibited nearly a hundred, in addition to Cerato, Excelle, Santana, Fit and other common

Jiajiao, the high-end cars account for half, which is the biggest bright spot of the market.

Qujiang used-car market not only for the public to look at cars, car provides a good place, but also for surrounding cities used car broker

provides a communication platform. The first day of opening, in addition to the market open the door for local dealer

Off, the Jinhua, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Shangrao, Huangshan and other places with more than 20 car dealers participating, the way to expand off-

site business. Used car dealer The Adding Taizhou, Jinhua fancy in the market for a second dealer Yip

Hand Accord, and to 116,000 yuan price of the transaction, as the day of initial transaction of business.

"I feel very good location in this market, the atmosphere is also good, great development potential." Huangshan City, Anhui Province, Mr. Li

used car dealers a constant stream of people looking at the gallery that came settled next month. Thoroughfare

Person in charge of second-hand car market Wanjiang Liu introduced the market's annual volume of 3,000 vehicles, as the market facilities

improvement and expansion of influence, since this is not only the public can buy ordinary Jiajiao, but also the selection to many

Affordable high-end cars.


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