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Drive step of dash against fountain is lethal

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  • Drive step of dash against fountain is lethal
  • Origin: Publication of yellow hill morning releases time: 2008-9-5 17:59:52

  • Yao Dacheng of Hong Yan of morning publication dispatch's reporter drives for your report the fountain step before door of campus of dash against university is lethal, the family member thinks its death reason and this fountain reach his the unreasonable, unscientific place on accessary establishment design is concerned. Because of pecuniary loss of this seek redress. A few days ago, court of people of collect brook division adjudges this to have person damages case, the lawsuit of accuser seek redress requests to be rejected lawfully.

    It is reported, 2004, victim batman (alias) enter the campus austral Huang Shan institute and parents to live together. On November 15, 2007 22 when 25 minutes, batman drives fuel aids force car to be gone to by outside school of the area austral yellow hill institute travel of the direction inside school, sail to entrance of yellow hill college, bump in fountain step, batman immediately drops into fountain pool, cause on the spot the traffic accident that the death, car that help strength is damaged. Traffic accident cognizance book is maintained in Huang Shan side of north of the gate austral the institute has " slow " , " cry flute decelerate goes slow " , " notice car of pass in and out " wait for caution to indicate, batman bears full responsibility in having an accident originally. Later, architect of square of institute of yellow hill of the parents of batman, wife, son general, this institute builds design academy to tell a court with aid university, request more than yuan 160 thousand to recoup pecuniary loss.

    Forensic cognizance is found out, of yellow hill institute south project of construction of campus gate, square is the same as aid university to build design academy design by what have first class to design aptitude, and this project was obtained 2005 " licence of construction project program " , it is eligible project via checking and accept. Accuser appeals to in front courtyard careful say, victim batman accident place fizzles out namely road of hill institute fountain is put in great and safe hidden trouble, step has 25 centimeter only tall and without defend column, fountain is in nightly without glance device, also did not set caution mark in fountain place. Accident of batman happening traffic brings about death and yellow hill institute to did not use up administrative responsibility to fountain, design the place with the unreasonable, unscientific existence on academic design to concern with aid, because this two the accused should recoup the pecuniary loss of accuser.
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