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Summer takes a taxi to encounter air conditioning goes on strike

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  • Summer takes a taxi to encounter air conditioning goes on strike
  • Origin: Publication of yellow hill morning releases time: 2008-7-28 8:08:32

  • Fang Wei of Ling Liang of trainee of morning publication dispatch's reporter reports for you recently, the citizen is mirrorred to this print, air conditioning encounters however when sorching summer takes a taxi " the strike " , air conditioning does not leave to be become hard sultrily inside the taxi, driver this action is informed after understanding is to be what reduce operation cost and go out " a bad plan " . According to relevant arrangement, the fuel allowance this year has been in the our city full specified amount extends before July 1 reach the designated position, how can you appear so is the taximan the case that reduce operation cost and does not open air conditioning in summer? The reporter undertakes investigating with respect to this matter on July 21 morning.

    Taxi driver: Oil fills to reach the designated position basically is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation however

    That day morning, reporter in collect brook An Yuqiao and and other places of the garden in sunlighting enquired randomly a few " elder brother " , " elder sister " , whether had extended with respect to fuel allowance reach the designated position undertook investigating, major taxi driver states oil fills already on time full specified amount is gotten, did not appear any poor pools, but still a few contract the driver of the taxi shows a car advocate not will oily supply they, the oil price that rise makes them helpless under, can reduce operation cost only through opening air conditioning to wait.

    In interviewing inferior a when tell taxi company old surname driver tells a reporter, he himself is a car advocate, already full specified amount took oil to fill, "But oil price is real too tall, paying expenses than fat before fee still is very big, this bit of oil fills not to have what effect at all. This bit of oil fills not to have what effect at all..

    The word of master of another Yuan of company of taxi of Wei Cuilin traffic also spoke aspirations: "I hire this taxi, but till now oil fills I took 2000 yuan only, another 2000 yuan are the person that rent a car to another, car advocate although oneself did not drive to also take 2000 yuan however. " Yuan master says excitedly, car advocate this kind of practice lets him is depressed very.
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