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Drive picked grape activity to start oneself!

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Network of yellow hill car - violate the rules and regulations of car of yellow hill of information of Huang Shan car inquires Focus of home page information is secondhand guide buy car of businessman violate the rules and regulations to be in charge of policeman things to be sure network of car of yellow hill of network of car of yellow hill of forum of sweet car member lives phone of the first portal: 0559-2533633 car friendly QQ group: 41153517
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  • Drive picked grape activity to start oneself!
  • Origin: Network of car of yellow hill city releases time: 2008-8-1 15:18:43

  • This is stuck stick certainly to drive picked activity oneself, cannot decide do not follow stick! (Forum follows stick)
    Time: 8Lunar 10(weekday) square of alive 7:30 in the morning discipline assembles, after ending, set out
    Place: Yu of ㄏ to bring up eventually Qiong not
    Picked activity introduces simply:
    "Guilin is drawn in landscape scene, " of Changjiang Delta of armour of grape of village of the Song Dynasty this is this station reporter head for Song Cun experience, song Cun is Changjiang Delta takes the biggest grape to cultivate base, have many mus 4000 grapery, grape tastily Gan Tian, fleshy tender flavour is thick, make your aftertaste boundless, the fruit grower enthusiasm over there is hospitable, laborious guileless, head for Song Cun to seem to return to the feeling like nature, stand below the grape trellis that glittering and translucent get rid of appears when you, you can feel you are surrounded by sweet place, in that way feeling has a glyph to allow " bright " only, the person that drive oneself can take close friends to be headed for together, the proposal wears comfortable shoe. The friend that likes photography must remember taking photogenic chance! Happy in farmhouse midday have a meal, play to one's heart's content come back, collective sets out, arrive at Song Cun but proper motion activity. Unitary organization turns round after picked end!
    Charge: Grape of bone? high-quality goods one box plucks cost closes to be retreated 80 yuan more first fill less
    Thought on August 10 the friend that go signs up rapidly certainly, remember leaving connection phone
    Sign up end time: 8Expire 8 days month to be not accepted sign up, because we want to arrange pre-construction job
    Phone of connection signing up: 1Shadow of car of 5055984440 13063222266 cool breeze 13955964777 drift
    This station reporter already had been to act as an advance party of village of the Song Dynasty on July 31 morning, got dot picture, everybody looks

    Scenery of village of the Song Dynasty

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