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How to use correctly with safeguard automatic transmission

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Enter the market as automatic archives car, as the people favour to automatic archives car, more and more people begin to drive automatic archives car, but how should be the automatic transmission that very few however somebody knows automatic archives car used, how to maintain, a lot of cars advocate in the process that using automatic archives car, did not undertake maintaining specially to the automatic transmission of the car, brought about automatic transmission to appear not repairable problem. Classics investigation, as a result of,the automatic transmission breakdown of 90% is car advocate did not undertake to it proper maintenance is caused.
Below the issue that the editor of CHE168 examines 3 respects to explain automatic transmission in detail for everybody from the use of automatic transmission, conserve, maintenance.
One, the use of automatic transmission
How to use correctly with safeguard automatic transmission
Each grade that introduce automatic transmission above all action and use method.
P jockeys block: Stop completely in car only firm when, ability can hang this to block, after hanging this to block, drive wheel is locked up to stop by machine and make the wheel cannot turn. If want to move gear lever,give this seat, must step footplate of next apply the brake and press the lock on gear lever handle stops pushbutton.
R reverse: Become only car is dormant and engine idle when fast movement, just can hang a person to back a car block, press pushbutton of gear lever handle, can gear lever immigrant or move piece back a car block. When the travel before car, do not hang gear lever R to block by accident, be in lash-up condition in transmission especially when, ten million cannot hang person R to block in advanced travel, can make automatic transmission damages badly in that way.
N neutral: Condition is opened to fall in ignition switch, car dormant or speed under 5Km/h when, after hanging this to block, gear lever can be stopped by the lock electro-magnet lock stops. If want to move,give this to block, need to step footplate of next apply the brake, press helper handle button at the same time, when 5Km/h of speed prep above, need to press helper handle button only can gear lever immigrant or move give N to block.
D drive archives: Can choose this to block usually, the position is blocked in D, transmission controls unit to wait for parameter according to speed and engine bear, switch of the freedom in controlling transmission to be blocked in 1-4.
Archives of 3 slope road: This can be hanged to block when the travel on the road surface that has gradient, right now transmission can be blocked in 1-3 in automatic shift gears, but won't change 4 block, such, be in declivous when the result of apply the brake that improved engine.
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