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Control and use a method of automatic transmission

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Although the model on the market is various now, equipment automatic transmission sort is various also, but its are controlled and use a method very much the same. Early a few years, the commonnest in homebred car is 4 before fast automatic transmission, a lot of models change now, deployed 5 before fast automatic gearshift, ao Di A4 still was deployed even 6 before fast automatic gearshift.

Automatic transmission looks be like complex, wanted us to understand wh some of which only in fact the mystery of simple parameter, so when car of choose and buy, the stand or fall of automatic transmission but be clear at a glance. The parameter with automatic the most important transmission is blocked namely a number. The person that this always had driven a car can understand, everybody is willing to block a much car. If block more, transmission and engine dynamic cooperate to be able to be jumped over close together, can develop the property of engine weller. But light looks block number is insufficient. In fact of an automatic transmission block a core that more or less is a technology, because of simple addition planetary gear group can raise block. The elephant runs quickly, wo Erwo's business uses freight car, some blocking amount to even 20 many. The technical core of automatic transmission controls an orgnaization in it. Because of a good automatic transmission, its shift gears character must be accomplished answer speed fast, shift gears impact is little wait for a characteristic. And all these needs to rely on to design and improve the control orgnaization with good performance to be able to come true.

Automatic transmission is to pass all sorts of hydraulic pressure multichip clutch and the certain gear in brake is restricted or receiving form of current star gear get different drive is compared. So the stand or fall of shift gears character has immediate concern with these clutch and brake. Block according to the car second different, stem from cost consideration, the control orgnaization of the automatic transmission of economy car is designed very simply normally. If pursue:

The graph is the orgnaization of the most commonly used apply the brake in automatic transmission on. It limits the movement of planetary gear through brake band. Brake band is in of lever drive next can rapid bags to tighten by the gear of apply the brake or axis, produce force of powerful apply the brake to achieve the goal that limits planetary gear movement thereby. Lever is driven by ejector pin directly, the motivation of ejector pin comes from hydraulic pressure again. So the apply the brake of planetary gear is decided completely by hydraulic pressure. The design of belt of this kind of apply the brake, the structure is very simple, cost is very low also, commonly used among the automatic transmission at economy car. But because brake band apply the brake is very abruptness, force of apply the brake comes very suddenly, so shift gears shakes opposite bigger. Use this kind of design rarely in blocking a car high. What in blocking a car high, use morer is multichip design of clutch type apply the brake. Pursue as follows:
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