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Suspension detailed solves Mai Fuxun

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We are when understanding suspension parameter, classics regular meeting sees a name that makes Maifuxun. On a few journals of Hong Kong, like to call Mai Huachen pillar normally. Actually these are the Chinese names that transliteration comes over, it names with the name of this pensile system architect. What Mai Fuxun hangs the application on in car front overhang is wide other suspension cannot is likened to. Arrive greatly BMW M3, the nimble when protecting this kinds of 911 high-powered cars, small to Feiyate STILO, ford FOCUS, the homebred even suspension before breathing out flying minibus is design of used Mai Fuxun type. The application that what reason can invite Maifuxun is pensile be after all so extensive? What function characteristic does this kind of so commonly used suspension have after all? We rise from its design construction understanding first. Following graphs are a the most typical Maifuxun's pensile structural plan:

Mai Fuxun suspension comprises basically partly by two normally: Pillar type shock absorber and A word ask an arm. Because it still has the effect that sustains whole automobile body besides damping,calling shock absorber pillar is, his structure is very compact, mix shock absorber damping spring is compositive together, comprise a Hua Zhu that can move up and down; The arm is being asked below is A word normally model design, use at providing power of partial lateral seat supports to the wheel, and bear all around direction stress. All concussion rely on susceptive of the wheel when the weight of whole bodywork and car are moving these two components are assumed. So a of Maifuxun the biggest design characteristics are a structure simple, the structure can bring two immediate profit simply is then: Pensile weight is mixed gently take up the space is little. We know, car suspension attributes athletic part, athletic part is smaller, so pensile answer speed and spring back speed to be able to be jumped over fast, pensile damping capability is so stronger also; And pensile quality is reduced also mean the quality below bedspring to reduce, so in automobile body weight particular case falls, comfortable sex is better also. The immediate advantage that takes up dimensional zonule comes is stylist can decorate next bigger engine in engine storehouse, and the placement of engine means also can follow one's inclinations. Large engine can be put down on medium-sized car, also can put down medium-sized engine on small-sized car, let all sorts of engine match more agile. The front overhang that following graphs are BMW M3 and X3 hangs:

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